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HOPE Program


Life Choices offers the HOPE (Helping Others Parent Effectively) program to pregnant clients throughout their pregnancy and the first year of the baby's life. The HOPE program gives moms resources to enhance their parenting abilities and provide for the physical needs of the child. The program is "earn while you learn" with clients earning "Mommy Money" to spend in the baby store at the center through various things like keeping doctor appointments, making budgets and meal plans, etc. Also mentors are available to guide each new mom through the stages of the new baby's life. Formula, diapers, clothing, and other baby items like car seats and baby beds can be purchased through the baby store at the center. The HOPE store is supplied by community donations.

Each year, Life Choices hosts a "Baby's First Christmas" party where we celebrate all the lives born that year!

"I love this place. Feels very, very peaceful. Thanks for your help and continue to keep up the good work. I do believe that the work that is done here will and can help a lot of expecting parents."

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